Why acquire the administrative services of Corporativo AUG?

Deficient administrative management means a lack of growth for any company or can even lead to dissolution. We help you manage your bank accounts, billing, payroll, and employment registration in a simple and effective way, ensuring administrative stability that allows and encourages company advancement.


Peace of mind

Your administration is in good hands.


Handling of confidential information


We implement strategic planning for each case.


A trained legal team supports you.

Online Banking Administration

01.Management and administration

We manage and administer the company’s bank accounts online to ensure the correct attainment of its obligations to third parties.

02.Account transfers

We carry out transfers to third-party accounts of the same bank, interbank movements, scheduled payments and fee based services.

03.Safe account management

We ensure the safe management of the client’s accounts, applying the requested movements in a timely manner.

04.Receipts and reports

Reports, monthly account statements, liquidity position, invoices and receipts of fixed and one off payments, as well as the status of each movement.

Electronic billing

Issuance of tax receipts for payment reception

This process is applicable for the control of accounts receivable according to the needs of each client and their request.
The objective is to guarantee the issuance of the requested tax receipts, always considering the business main activity.
Compliance with the obligation of tax receipts issuance avoids levies for the omission and an effective administration.
Customers will receive from Corporativo AUG, the tax receipts issued, as well as detailed reports according to the established periods in the service contract.


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Corporativo AUG is comprised of professionals in tax, accounting, legal, administrative areas, with the clear objective of providing a comprehensive audit that helps business owners run successful companies.