We assist you with the Employer Registry of your business.

At Corporativo AUG we have a specialized service area to provide you with advice on IMSS Employer Registry and IMSS employer registration as a legal entity. We can also help you create a strategy based on labor conflict prevention and compliance with employment obligations.

Our team is composed of lawyers with extensive experience in the Employer Registry in Mexico. We offer you our services in a very personalized approach, we guarantee you the best advice to obtain safe and successful results in the process of obtaining your employer registration number with the IMSS (Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social in Spanish).


to guide you towards the desired success of your business.


to take the next step of growth for your company.


to act honestly and consistently for your business or company.

Rectitude and transparency

in each step of the strategy that is required to be followed in your company.

Reasons to have your Employer's Registration up to date

Every time a worker is registered with the IMSS, the IMSS Employer Registry is required. This procedure is mandatory for any individual or legal entity that uses the subordinate services of workers.

AActing always from prevention is one of the qualities of our Corporation, we help you to always be one step ahead and to have the digital and physical support, to know how to proceed in case of inspections by the STyPS (Secretaría del Trabajo y Previsión Social in Spanish).

To comply with all Social Security regulations in due time and form, from the IMSS employer registry to the payment of employer contributions.

We support you to be up to date in the fulfillment of your employer obligations and to avoid partial or wrong fulfillment of your Social Security obligations.

By registering as an employer in a timely manner as soon as you begin to use the services of one or more workers, it is possible to avoid inspections by the STyPS.

Why register as an employer with Corporativo AUG?

Working hand in hand with our specialists, you will avoid risks in terms of Employer Registration, and you will be able to comply with your obligations in a timely manner, so we are your best ally in the labor area of your business. Performing your IMSS employer registry is the beginning of the registration of your company
as an employer with the IMSS in order to comply with your employer obligations in a timely manner.

When you register your IMSS employer registry with us, you will receive advice in a timely manner, in addition, you will have the support of our team of specialists to evaluate each movement and thus, be able to prevent risks in terms of employer registration.

Another reason to perform the IMSS employer registry with us is that you will be able to comply with your obligations in time and form, so we will be your best ally in the labor area of your business.

If you are in charge of your employees, it is essential to register them in the mandatory Social Security system. We can assist you with these procedures and develop a strategy to keep records of payroll, worked days and salaries.

The fact that a company carries out an economic activity, in which it is necessary for the development of its activities, to have personnel to provide services, represents an administrative and economic load for the employers or the company, such as, withholding and payment of taxes on work product ISR, withholdings for salaries; besides having the obligation to provide social security by registering them in the mandatory regime according to article 12, section I, of the Social Security Law (LSS in Spanish).

Identificamos el marco legal vigente aplicable a las empresas o negocios y las obligaciones a las que están sujetas, para hacer una estrategia inteligente de compliance en México.

Conocer el riesgo y alcances por incumplimiento total o parcial de las obligaciones, nos ayuda a diseñar los controles y definir procesos para dar cumplimiento a estas obligaciones.

Vigilar el cumplimiento normativo de las políticas y procesos de acuerdo a la estrategia.

Creamos una cultura de prevención en materia de compliance en México, dando atención temprana a las inconsistencias para disminuir los costos por las correcciones al incumplimiento de las obligaciones.

4 steps to start your employer registry with us

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Lets analyze together your application for employer registry

To know if it is an employer registry from scratch, IMSS employer registration or administration of the employer registry.

Working together, we will define the registration strategy

If you are not registered, in order to perform the IMSS employer registry process, we only need the Articles of Incorporation of your company in digital format, RFC, user and password of the IMSS business portal.

If you are already registered, in case you already have your Employer Registration number, you only need to provide it to us, so we can follow up on all related matters in a timely manner.

Your fully managed employer registration

Once the employer registration number process is completed, we would work on a compliance strategy, with full follow-up to accomplish all the procedures related to the employer registry in compliance with the law, such as: registration of workers with the Institute, communicating their registrations and cancellations, making changes to their salaries and other data, within the stipulated deadlines.

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