Why acquire Legal Advisory services from Corporativo AUG?

Having the specialized services of a legal office allows you to ensure the operations of your company within a regulatory framework, protecting your future against any unforeseen event before the law. We represent our clients so that they have total legal security in all their actions.


Peace of mind

Have specialized legal advice at any time.


Security in all legal acts of your company.


Plan every step knowing the legal effects of each action.


Our law firm, at your service.

Legal advice

01. Commercial Matters

Counseling, review, and preparation of commercial contracts, strategies for the accomplishment of collections from debtors, legal advisory in all types of commercial acts.

02.Civil Matters

Compliance with the regulatory frame in civil matters in accordance with Mexican laws that allow a legal shield in acts of law or negotiations carried out between individuals, avoiding lawsuits and trials against them.

03.Administrative Matters

The procurement of documentation, permits, and licenses, as well as compliance with the requirements to operate each business properly, in conformity to the regulatory frame of Mexican legislation on administrative matters.

04.Property matters

Advisory and representation in real estate matters over acts of transferring ownership or any other, such as the sale-purchase, lease, loan, or donation of property or rights.

Comprehensive legal advice

In foreign trade matters.

Companies looking to commercialize their products and services outside of Mexico must face administrative, legal, and fiscal requirements. Our legal advisors, specialized in foreign trade, can help you.
The first step is an in-depth analysis to establish a strategic action plan. Having established the way forward, we work with the documentation that supports that activity in adherence to the legal framework.
Comprehensive management in obtaining and filling out the necessary documentation, legal requirements, and other demands for the correct development of foreign trade activities, as well as knowledge of the obligations and rights in order to avoid the generation of fines for contravention.
Attainment of permits and licenses to carry out foreign trade operations and comply with the customs aspects determined by the corresponding regulatory framework, allowing the correct development of business and thus avoiding fines, retention of goods, and/or payment of taxes.


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Corporativo AUG is comprised of professionals in tax, accounting, legal, administrative areas, with the clear objective of providing a comprehensive audit that helps business owners run successful companies.