A team to sharpen your Money Laundering Prevention policies

Money laundering is a constant concern for the authorities, which is why they are constantly legislating to detect operations with resources of illicit origin. Updates to the Federal Law for the Prevention and Identification of Operations with Resources of Illicit Origin (“Anti-Money Laundering Law”) regulate commercial relationships between companies. An updated legal support is essential for your company

Corporativo AUG’s team is your best ally to keep your company protected with an integral planning for the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) prevention.


To guide you towards the desired success of your business.


To take the next step of growth for your company.


o act honestly and consistently for your business or company.


And Transparency in each step of the strategy that is required to be followed in your company.

Protect your interests with the help of Anti-Money Laundering Law experts

In view of the constant changes to the legislation, we keep ourselves updated to provide you with guidance in your actions in the event of any suspicion of transactions with resources of illicit origin.

We share our knowledge in AML matters so that you are aware of the legal effects of your operations. You will have our support to report suspicious actions to the authorities.

Not having a clear knowledge of the Anti-Money Laundering Law can lead your company to incur in illegal operations. The penalties for these operations can cost you everything you have built. Our legal team protects you from this possibility.

The competent authorities are empowered to visit your company for visits, verifications, reviews and/or audits. With our support, you will have the legal backing and documentation to face these authorities.

Find out how we can help you in Money Laundering Prevention


Now that we have explained the advantages and why you need legal support for Money Laundering Prevention, we will tell you about the services you can hire with the professional team of Corporativo AUG.

We perform a detailed analysis of your company’s operations, documents, commercial activities or assets. With this analysis, we can obtain a total x-ray of the company that allows us to identify actions or omissions within the legal framework in which the company has incurred. You will have a detailed report of the condition of your company and its risk of carrying out operations with resources of illicit origin.

Once the diagnosis of the status of your company has been made, we develop an action plan to immediately correct actions or omissions of your company in the Anti-Money Laundering Law. As established by the legislation, we train your personnel with AML manuals, so that they are aware of the protocols and prevention policies that must be followed in the process of document safeguarding and compliance with the obligations with the authorities.

We work together with your team of collaborators to supervise, coordinate and evaluate the operations carried out by your business. We ensure that your team applies the policies contained in the AML manual. We perform a monthly supervision or in extraordinary periods. This must be done to verify the application of Money Laundering Prevention policies and that your company is complying with the obligations in the regulatory framework of the Anti-Money Laundering Law.

Identificamos el marco legal vigente aplicable a las empresas o negocios y las obligaciones a las que están sujetas, para hacer una estrategia inteligente de compliance en México.

Conocer el riesgo y alcances por incumplimiento total o parcial de las obligaciones, nos ayuda a diseñar los controles y definir procesos para dar cumplimiento a estas obligaciones.

Vigilar el cumplimiento normativo de las políticas y procesos de acuerdo a la estrategia.

Creamos una cultura de prevención en materia de compliance en México, dando atención temprana a las inconsistencias para disminuir los costos por las correcciones al incumplimiento de las obligaciones.

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With the guidance of our specialists, we train your team to identify suspicious operations or resources to protect your company from sanctions by the authorities.

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