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One of the most important muscles for a company to reach its goals is its workforce. Such an important element deserves special attention. Our team of labor lawyers in Mexico will help you and your staff feel supported by a fair relationship.

With our advice in labor law, together we can create practices that support your team and guarantee the productive, financial and legal stability of your company.


To guide you towards the desired success of your business.


To take the next step of growth for your company.


To act honestly and consistently for your business or company.


And transparency in each step of the strategy that is required to be followed in your company.

You need a team of experts updated on Mexico’s Federal Law

Having constant advice in labor law allows you to make the right decisions for your employees according to your objectives and those of your company.

A team of labor lawyers in Mexico will ensure that your actions regarding the human capital of your company are based on the applicable laws. Anticipate the effects of your actions.

CWhen you have on your side a team that is aware of the labor legislation in Mexico, you will be aware of your obligations and rights as an employer to avoid problems with the corresponding authorities.

Being supported by a team of labor lawyers allows you to protect your labor relations from the beginning in case you need to terminate them. Avoid litigation and protect your interests.

With the support of labor lawyers in Mexico you will be able to be up-to-date in your operations in case of visits, verifications and/or STPS (Secretaría del Trabajo y Previsión Social) audits.

How can our team of labor lawyers at AUG help you?

Once you have identified the needs of your company and the labor relations with your employees, these are the professional services that Corporativo AUG’s team of labor lawyers can offer you.

We take care of a detailed review of your company’s processes and documentation to identify possible omissions in the field of labor law in Mexico. Once the possible omissions are identified, we work with you to regularize your company.

Our team of labor lawyers will support you in the drafting and adequacy of the documentation related to your employees. Individual employment contracts, internal company regulations and commission schemes according to the Federal Labor Law. We support you in the integration of labor files, as well as in the adequate elaboration of administrative records.

We are attentive to your company to attend and follow up on any administrative procedure in the labor area by the STPS. You can count on our ability and experience to properly manage your company’s relationship with the authorities.

We take care of negotiating the terms and conditions with your employee in case you decide to terminate your labor relationship. We carry out the process of notifying the employee, negotiate your liquidation and inform the labor authorities. We shield your company with legal certainty and thus avoid long and costly litigation.

Te acompañamos desde el inicio resolviendo tus dudas y orientándote sobre el proceso del registro de marca, ya sea para empresas nacionales o extranjeras que requieran hacer su registro de marca en México.

Existen obligaciones para los titulares de registros de marca que es imprescindible conocer, trabajando con nosotros recibirás información oportuna sobre estas obligaciones y una estrategia para cumplir con ellas en tiempo y forma para que no pierdas el registro de tu marca.

Para todos los titulares de las marcas es recomendable que cuenten con el respaldo de una asesoría profesional y representación legal en México, así como con la vigilancia y supervisión de sus marcas, nuestro servicio te permitirá, como titular, estar al día de las obligaciones establecidas y las nuevas que pudieran llegar a surgir para mantener la vigencia de sus marcas en nuestro país.

Conocer el valor de tu marca te ofrece muchos beneficios y financieros para tu empresa, para saber cuál es el valor real de tu marca es necesario realizar un análisis desde el aspecto legal, mercantil y financiero; permítenos encargarnos de ello y trabajar junto contigo una estrategia que te ayude a generar más valor para tu marca.

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