Tax Lawyers to support your company

To represent our clients, we have assembled a group of lawyers specialized in Mexico tax law. Our team is made up of specialized lawyers with extensive experience in tax defense.


To guide you towards the desired success of your business.


To take the next step of growth for your company.


To act honestly and consistently for your business or company.


Transparency In each step of the strategy that is required to be followed in your company.

Experts in tax law who will accompany you through the entire process

Without adequate advice and/or tax defense may cause you to be unaware of the dates in which you can use appeals. It is better to have support.

When you do not have a tax attorney to advise you on your actions, you could pay fines or receive penalties that are not within the framework of tax law. Get advice.

Not taking advantage of tax opportunities or benefits

An expert in tax law knows the laws and changes to the rules that can be a benefit for your company. They can advise you on how to take advantage of remissions, payment in installments, among other benefits.

A tax lawyer can bring you closer to the authorities. She or he can guide you to address the authority to ask for extensions, correct or complement your claims to the Mexican authorities.

The support of an efficient tax defense will allow you to feel at ease by having a team that supports your rights against any action of the tax authorities that are not in accordance with the law.

You can rely on the tax defense team at Corporativo AUGG


Now that you know the reasons why it is advisable to have mexico tax law advice. Here are the reasons why you can trust our team to provide legal certainty in the compliance of your tax obligations.

We accompany you from your first contact with the tax authority. As an entrepreneur, it is important for you to have the support of an expert in tax law to clarify or defend your rights from the first sign of conflict with the authorities. When you have the support of a tax lawyer from Corporativo AUG, you will have on your side the updated knowledge of the laws and the experience that only comes from work.

The experience and knowledge of the tax laws allows our tax attorneys to provide you with options and actions within the legal framework for your specific case. Adding to the personalized orientation, you will avoid confirming or consenting to a sanction that is not based on the tax laws.

With Corporativo AUG’s tax defense service, you will be informed at all times of the status of your case. We will guide you on the multiple alternatives you have to apply for any tax benefit, opportunities to correct infringing behavior, good tax practices and changes in the law.

Identificamos el marco legal vigente aplicable a las empresas o negocios y las obligaciones a las que están sujetas, para hacer una estrategia inteligente de compliance en México.

Conocer el riesgo y alcances por incumplimiento total o parcial de las obligaciones, nos ayuda a diseñar los controles y definir procesos para dar cumplimiento a estas obligaciones.

Vigilar el cumplimiento normativo de las políticas y procesos de acuerdo a la estrategia.

Creamos una cultura de prevención en materia de compliance en México, dando atención temprana a las inconsistencias para disminuir los costos por las correcciones al incumplimiento de las obligaciones.

Anticipate any problems with a good tax defense

Keep an eye out for notifications from the authorities

The tax authorities may contact you to exercise their power of verification. Check your emails and tax mailbox and, from that moment, contact us.

We will assist you in a timely manner

We know that you can not let time pass between contacting the authority and taking action, when you contact us, our team will refer you to a specialist in tax defense

Immediate advice

From the moment you present your case to your tax lawyer, we will guide you on the actions you should take immediately to start planning your tax defense.

Follow up

Remember that you are not alone, the tax law experts at Corporativo AUG will be your best allies throughout the process in the defense of your rights as a taxpayer.

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