Inventory Management Audit to optimize operations

In addition to helping you to manage your integral inventory and analyzing the storage cost, we analyze your situation to suggest dynamics and best practices to improve your operation and boost your productivity and reduce your inventory costs. At Corporativo AUG we propose ways to do your inventory management and in case you do not have a software to support you, we can create one for you. We generate management software according to your commercial activity, number of warehouses and train the personnel in charge of your inventories.


To guide you towards the desired success of your business.


To take the next step of growth for your company.


To act honestly and consistently for your business or company.


And transparency in each step of the strategy that is required to be followed in your company.

Inventory management and costing processes to take your business to the next level

One problem with not executing good inventory management is not knowing your true stock. This could lead you to buy more when you don't need to, could cause overstocking and stop cash flow.

If you don't have control of your warehouse inputs and outputs, you can't be sure that your products or materials are moving as they should. With our help, you will be able to detect possible money leaks and get dividends from your warehouse costs.

We help you prioritize the important over the urgent. Prioritizing your storage space can prevent damage to your products, reduce the risk of accidents, speed up your operation and ensure the capacity of your storage space.

When you miss the opportunity to keep a detailed management of your inventory, you won't be able to discover the time it takes for a product to arrive and leave your warehouse, whether it's for sale or production. Without this knowledge, you're losing money.

When you don't have a correct inventory control, you miss the chance of preventing possible price increases of your materials and/or products. Knowing your inventory allows you to minimize acquisition costs and boost your profits.

At Corporativo AUG we are interested in increasing your productivity

You already know the advantages of proper inventory management and how this can help you reduce your storage costs. Here, we tell you the differentiating elements of working with our experts at Corporativo AUG to manage your stock control.

Each company has its own needs, and yours requires a service that fits your reality. At Corporativo AUG we sit down with you to find your needs and develop an exclusive stock control plan for your company. We focus on solving your problems and thus increase your dividends.

Our service of inventory audit, inventory management and storage cost analysis is constant. At all times, we maintain communication with you and repeat the importance of warehouse control for your company. We train your staff to ensure that your inventory costs are profitable.

As professionals in the business world, we understand the imperative need to work with real and accounting figures. We help you find the true and current figures of your inventory. We look at every place where you may have products and take them into account for your inventory control.

In conjunction with your staff, trained by us, we can track each product to determine its profitability. Discovering the inventory costs of each of your products will allow us to guide you to better manage your merchandise. This way, you and your staff will be able to control the movements and rotations required by your warehouse.

With the knowledge of how you distribute your goods in the stockroom, our experts can guide you on the space you really require for a better costing of your inventory. You may want to add a new warehouse or eliminate one, according to your company’s storage and sales volumes. We guarantee the best proposals according to your processes and/or accounting records.

Identificamos el marco legal vigente aplicable a las empresas o negocios y las obligaciones a las que están sujetas, para hacer una estrategia inteligente de compliance en México.

Conocer el riesgo y alcances por incumplimiento total o parcial de las obligaciones, nos ayuda a diseñar los controles y definir procesos para dar cumplimiento a estas obligaciones.

Vigilar el cumplimiento normativo de las políticas y procesos de acuerdo a la estrategia.

Creamos una cultura de prevención en materia de compliance en México, dando atención temprana a las inconsistencias para disminuir los costos por las correcciones al incumplimiento de las obligaciones.

Tell us about your company

Contact us and let us know what your company does. What is your activity, what materials do you work with and what are your operation processes.

Let’s review your inventory control processes

We want you to tell us how you manage your inventory management: When do you receive materials and/or products? Do you keep a list of incoming and outgoing goods? Are your departments connected and do they communicate the movement in the warehouse?

We perform a review of your inventory

With the help of your staff, our experts will perform a thorough review of your inventory. We discover actual quantities, areas of opportunity in your processes and perform an analysis of your inventory costs.


Once we have made an analysis of your inventory management, we propose actions you could implement to increase your productivity. For example, train your staff, delimit cost sheets by product or warehouse, create other warehouses (physical or virtual), and all the actions that allow you to improve your operation.


Once we have suggested to you the actions that will make you have a better inventory cost, we advise you the periods in which you should implement these changes. At a mutually agreed upon period of time, we will meet with you to do a follow-up internal audit and measure the results you are getting.

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