Our service is committed to efficient payroll and workforce management

The management of your company’s human talent and payroll control is one of the highest risk factors for the life expectancy of a company. Without proper control and management, you are at serious risk, but with the support of our experts in payroll and employer administration services, you can rest assured. Hiring Corporativo AUG’s payroll administration and employer registration administration services is a guarantee for the financial and operational stability of your company.


We elaborate work routes that adapt to the specific needs of your company. We respect your work philosophies and place them within the framework of labor regulations.


To guide you towards the desired success of your business.


To take the next step of growth for your company.


To act honestly and consistently for your business or company.


and Transparency In each step of the strategy that is required to be followed in your company.

Our payroll and employer tracking service is here to make your life easier

We offer you an integral service of payroll administration with wide and satisfactory experience in all its processes. We process the issuance of payment cards, calculate, disperse, stamp and safeguard the payroll of your workers.

At Corporativo AUG, we take care of your workers' follow-up. We draft their contracts in a clear manner and create a virtual file, so you can evaluate their performance.

Our team has the talent to help you manage your employees and detect the best profiles for each position in your organization. We help you create internal regulations with their respective administrative sanctions in case of violation.

Our payroll service will help you avoid those annoying problems of failure in the issuance of receipts. Our experts will pay special attention to the correct stamping of the amounts corresponding to each worker in their payroll payment and receipts.

We are at your employees' disposal to provide them with timely and updated information about their payroll receipts and proof of income for any procedure in which they are requested.

Hiring the administrative services of Corporativo AUG is a decision that will lead your business to an optimal performance and have an effective control over the financial and legal responsibilities with your employees.

The work team at Corporativo AUG has the clear objective of providing you with a professional payroll administration and personnel control service. You can count on us to ensure that your employees receive their payroll payments in the time and manner stipulated in their contracts.

We are experts in adapting our routes of action for each type of company and the unique needs they have. We are committed to know your company and its context, to develop work methodologies that are beneficial for you as an employer and your employees.

Once you have contracted our payroll control and human capital management services, we will help you optimize your legal and administrative processes whenever possible. We accompany you to achieve business success.

Identificamos el marco legal vigente aplicable a las empresas o negocios y las obligaciones a las que están sujetas, para hacer una estrategia inteligente de compliance en México.

Conocer el riesgo y alcances por incumplimiento total o parcial de las obligaciones, nos ayuda a diseñar los controles y definir procesos para dar cumplimiento a estas obligaciones.

Vigilar el cumplimiento normativo de las políticas y procesos de acuerdo a la estrategia.

Creamos una cultura de prevención en materia de compliance en México, dando atención temprana a las inconsistencias para disminuir los costos por las correcciones al incumplimiento de las obligaciones.

What is our work process like?

Contact us and tell us about your company

You can contact us to provide information about your line of business and know your actual risk rating. In this way, we will be able to make a more realistic diagnosis of your situation.

Send us your most recent payroll

After making the diagnosis, you can send us your most recent payroll so that we can calculate the cost of your collaborators. This way we can determine the amount of commission or monthly payment for our service.

Quotation meeting

Once the two previous steps have been completed, we will meet with you to present you with a quotation and review the most relevant and necessary points for your company. We will also receive your feedback to adjust the work path.

Start of payroll and personnel administration service

In case you have accepted the quotation, we will provide you with a list of documents needed per employee to integrate files, portal keys, bank card applications, and other necessary procedures. We start operations and we are ready to take you to success.

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